Shane Victorino getting back to bunting

Shane Victorino said Charlie Manuel talked to him about bunting more often. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

 Shane Victorino did something we have seen him do just twice during the regular season since 2008: bunt for a base hit. He also attempted a second bunt, and almost beat it out for another single.

In the clubhouse after he left the game, Victorino was coy about his decision to bunt. He's always bunted, he said with a grin. Look at the numbers, he said. But we had already looked at the numbers. And so I read them off to him:

Year Bunt Att Bunt Hits Sac Hits
2010 4 2 0
2009 9 0 4
2008 22 9 5
2007 9 2 5

Finally, Victorino admitted the obvious: Charlie Manuel had talked to him earlier in the day and told him to work on his bunting. Obviously, the center fielder had less of a chance to do so last season when he was hitting near the bottom of the order. But with Victorino's speed, he clearly should be able to reach base more often via the bunt.

We'll have more on this in tomorrow's Daily News.



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