Scott Eyre critical of Manuel's firing, J-Roll

Former Phillies pitcher Scott Eyre. (AP file photo)

Scott Eyre was a relief pitcher on the Phillies' 2008 world champions. He recently went on Totally Driven Radio in the VOC Nation Radio Network to discuss his current happenings, Charlie Manuel’s firing, and playing in Philadelphia. Some highlights:

On Charlie Manuel being let go: “I think I was shocked that it happened during the season. You would have thought that he earned enough respect to finish the season. On the flip side, you have a guy in Ryne Sandberg that you have to see how he manages; you want to see how he pulls the team together.

On the 2013 Phillies disappointing season: “It doesn’t seem like they’re playing very much like a team. The core group of players let that slip a little. When I got there in 2008, we were very much a team, especially the bullpen. We became very close, very quick. Charlie was a big key to that.”

On Charlie Manuel’s personality: “The man just loves baseball. When he said that they took the best seat in the house from him, he meant it; he used that line ‘best seat in the house’ a lot.”

On Charlie Manuel’s impact on him: “When I got here in 2008, they wanted to put me on the disabled list and have me pitch a rehab assignment because I hadn’t pitched in a week. (I didn’t want to go back on the DL) I just wanted to pitch; when I told Charlie that he put me in the game that night and I ended up getting the win.”

On Charlie Manuel as a manager: “As a player, if you can’t play for Charlie Manuel you can’t play for anybody. He’s pretty easy going.”

On the impact of managers in baseball: “I never played for any manager that got me to play harder for him per se than any other manager; the players as a group have to stand up and play hard as a group. It can’t be one player, it has to be done as a group.”

On firing Charlie Manager on the night of the planned celebration for his ,1000 wins: “He could have waited a week and let Ryne have September. I think he should have started fresh in September with spring training.”

On the impact to a player when a manager gets fired midseason: “Buck Martinez got fired (when I played in Toronto). As a player, it’s more enjoyable to play for a manager that you like. When I played for Felipe Alou and Dusty Baker, I didn’t want to go out and let them down.”

On Jimmy Rollins not waiving his no trade rights due to wanting to break records in Philadelphia: “I love Jimmy and he’s a great teammate, but that is very selfish. He wants to stay in Philadelphia and finish his career here; part of that is very selfish, but then again maybe that’s his way of saying he doesn’t want to play anywhere else and start over. I think the way he said it was very selfish, and a not very cool way to put it.

On Jimmy’s lack of hustle at times: “Maybe at the end Charlie was being too lax. When Charlie first got there, he sat Jimmy a few times. Maybe that changed toward the end.”


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