San Francisco!

Touched down in San Francisco an hour and a half ago. Getting ready for tonight's match-up between Cole Hamels and Pat Misch. I've never been to the ballpark here, but I heard it's nice.

Jimmy Rollins is here. Well, not here, exactly. Like, he's not standing in my hotel room reading over my shoulder telling me what words to write. But he is here, in the city, and he'll be at the ballpark tonight. Still too early to tell if he'll actually be in the line-up or not. The Phillies have played this thing way to carefully to put him out there too early and risk re-injuring the ankle. But I'm sure Rollins will push to play, and I'm sure it won't take too much of an arm twist to convince Charlie Manuel to put him in the line-up.

Here's what Manuel had to say about the situation yesterday. . .

Now, from good news to not so good news. Brett Myers struggled again, and it's tough to say what is wrong with him. The interesting thing is that, watching the game, I didn't think he got hit as hard as Kyle Kendrick the night before. In the four-run fouth inning, he allowed just three balls out of the infield. Granted, there were some shots - a two-run double, a triple, a two-run home run - but there were also some balls that fell. Specifically, I'm thinking of one play where Eric Bruntlett had to dodge a broken bat and ultimately failed to throw out a runner at first.

That's not to make excuses for Myers. He's not pitching well right now. And Manuel admitted as much yesterday. Catcher Chris Coste played the optimist, saying Myers' stuff wasn't the problem. But his inconsistency has been a problem. Keep in mind he was the Opening Day starter, and the Phillies expect him to pitch like one.

"He's a part of us winning," Manuel said.

Heading into the season, Myers was supposed to be one of the few pitchers the Phillies were able to count on. They need him to pitch well if they hope to contend.