Home-Away Splits: Myers vs. Moyer

Brett Myers will get the start for the Phillies in Game 2 Thursday against the Brewers. (Ron Cortes / Inquirer)

The rotation is set.

The Phillies have set their rotation and are expected to announce it at some point in the near future. As expected - and detailed in the post below - Brett Myers will pitch Game Two on Thursday and Jamie Moyer will pitch Game Three on Saturday.

Earlier in the week I threw out the idea of having Moyer pitch Game 1, but it wouldn't have worked logistically. You definitely want Hamels throwing Game Five if necesarry, and to do that you need him to pitch in either Game 1 or Game 2. Pitching Myers Game Two keeps him an option for Game Five in case something happens to Hamels.

Perhaps more importantly, you'd rather have Myers pitching at home than on the road, since he has been drastically better at Citizens Bank Park this season:

Myers home: 7-5, 3.01 ERA in 14 starts
Myers away: 3-8, 6.21 ERA in 16 starts

Moyer, meanwhile, has been much better away than home.

Moyer home: 6-4, 4.61 ERA in 16 starts
Moyer away: 10-3, 2.92 ERA in 17 starts


I hope to hear something out of Milwaukee today about the Brewers' pitching rotation. The more I think about it, the more I wouldn't be surprised if they threw the youngster Gallardo in Game 1. Suppan was rocked at CBP, so it would make sense to save him for at home, where he pitched better against the Phils. Bush has allowed 29 home runs this season, not good for homer-friendly Citizens Bank Park. Gallardo struck out seven in four innings in his first appearance in over three months Sept. 25. Sure, he's young. But the Phillies also haven't seen him before, which would work in the Brewers' advantage.

Will be very interesting to see what they do.