Ron Burgundy, meet Chase Utley

Look at it this way: Chase Utley probably isn't the first person to tell New York sports fans to [bleep] off.

Although such comments generally play well in a city that has never hid its displeasure for its neighbor to the North, Utley apologized last night for a remark that was caught by a live ESPN microphone during introductions for last night’s Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium.

After the Phillies second baseman heard a chorus of boos from the crowd when he was introduced for last night’s derby, Utley was heard responding, “Boo? [Bleep] you.”

A clip of the remark was posted on the internet video site YouTube within an hour of when it occurred.

Utley, who was eliminated after hitting five home runs in the first round, later apologized.

“It was a poor choice of words,” he said. “I didn’t mean anything by it. I was kind of joking around with my buddy over there so I do want to apologize”

Utley was wearing a microphone for ESPN, but it isn’t clear how the remark made it over the airwaves. A spokesman for ESPN said the network was still investigating the remark and would issue a statement sometime after the conclusion of last night’s telecast.