Rollins To Speak (Again)

It's amazing how fast a story becomes a story. Jimmy Rollins will be back on the Best Damn Sports Show tonight to address the reaction to his comments on yesterday's show that labelled Philadelphia fans "front-runners."

Hopefully, I'll have something from Rollins himself in a few hours when he arrives at the ballpark. Frankly, I'm amazed at how much of a controversey this has become. I think Rollins may have erred in using the word "frontrunners." I don't think he meant to say that Phillies fans are bandwagon fans. I think his point was that this is a great down to be a winning athlete in, and a horrible town to be a losing one. Ryan Howard was cheered for the last three years, and he was booed this year. . .isn't that kind of what he was saying?

I know the first reaction is to become defensive when someone like Rollins holds up St. Louis as the model sports city. But I've got to be honest: from a player's perspective, it IS the model sports city. They never, ever boo, at least when I've been there. They cheer everything. It's a very happy, family atmosphere. I love Philly. But family atmosphere it ain't.

I'll be interested to hear what Rollins says. I don't think that he is going to backpedal, but he might try to clarify what he was actually trying to say.