Rollins optimistic Phils can make a run

Jimmy Rollins during the Reds game at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Friday, May 17, 2013. (Steven M. Falk/Staff Photographer)

Jimmy Rollins and his wife, Johari, could have been extras in "The Great Gatsby." Or, better yet, they could have pushed aside Leo and Co. and took the starring roles.

The Rollins' smilled for the cameras before the beginning of "Harlem Nights," an event of music, dancing and dinner that benefitted the Jimmy Rollins Family Foundation on Thursday night at Union Transfer. 

Rollins was in a good mood. A self-proclaimed "foodie," Rollins was ready to dig in. 

"We go hard and heavy on the food," Rollins said.

Eventually the conversation got to baseball. And the way Rollins made it sound, the first 12 weeks of the season has been more appetizer, less main course.

Rollins believes there's still plenty of time to dig in and enjoy the baseball ahead, too. Although the Phillies sit in third place, eight games behind Atlanta and one game behind Washington, they still have 16 of their 19 scheduled games with the Braves remaining.

"So," Rollins said, "we have a chance to make a dent on their lead."

Here's a bit more from Rollins.

Q: Five weeks ago you feared the front office might "blow it up" if you guys didn't turn it around. You're feeling better now?

Rollins: "We’re in a much better place, really, since we left San Francisco. We had a team talk, we went on some runs, then we stumbled back, went on another run, got above .500, went on the road, it didn’t work out too well. Obviously we would have liked to have swept the Nationals, but winning the series is still a good option.

"No one is running away with this division right now. And that’s always a silver lining. If that wasn’t the case, then things would be different. But we’ve still get to play Atlanta a whole bunch more, so we have a chance to make a dent on their lead."


Q: The trade deadline is only a month away, though...

Rollins: "You know what? Tomorrow is long in baseball. Speaking about what’s going to happen in a month, you never know. If somebody - if Atlanta wins 15 in a row and we lose 15 in a row, there are going to be changes. But I don’t see that happening. And if that doesn’t happen, then we’ll probably be more willing to buy, to try to bring in a new arm, a new bat, a little fresh energy, something of that sort. It’ll all work itself out. A month from now? You don’t even know what’s going to happen tomorrow."


Q: Some other guys have sound concerned in the last two weeks, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Jonathan Papelbon. But you're upbeat, huh?

Rollins: "That’s always my nature. And I’ve never really been wrong. So that’s the good thing."



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