Remember Maholm?

Another morning, another look at the standings, another realization that the Phillies are in first place. They've been there for about 60 days this year, but they've never been more than four games ahead of the second place team. You kind of get the feeling this is how it's going to be for the rest of the season. The Marlins don't look like they are going to fade. Nor do the Mets. It could easily come down to the head to head serieses in September.

In the mean time. . .

It doesn't get any easier, even if on paper it may look like it does. The Phils won two of three from the Pirates in Pittsburgh earlier this season. The one game they didn't win came against the gentleman they'll be facing tonight.

Paul Maholm. He hasn't gone less than six innings in a start in over two months. In late April, he pitched a complete-game two-hitter against the Phils.

Should be an interesting one.


From today's paper:

Cole Hamels' still can't get much in the way of run support.

Tom Gordon missing the rest of the regular season sounds like a distinct possibility. I know a lot of you guys out there aren't Flash fans, but he was a big piece of this bullpen. Losing him would be a blow.

Paul Hagen looks back at a chance encounter between Juan Samuel and Jamie Moyer early in their respective careers.