Pre-game notes: Game 2 line-ups, Game 3 starter, more

We'll have a meatier blog post up here in a little while, but I wanted to pass on a few quick items.

First, we still do not know the identity of the starter for Game 3 on Saturday in Colorado. J.A. Happ and Joe Blanton will both be available to pitch out of the bullpen again today. Righthander Pedro Martinez likely won't. Manager Charlie Manuel said Martinez is staying sharp, throwing on the side, and that if he does start a game this series, he thinks he will be capable of throwing up to 100 pitches. But Manuel said it is not safe to assume that J.A. Happ will start Game 3 if he does not appear as a reliever today. With high temperatures forecasted to be in the mid-30's and a chance of snow, Manuel said the weather could affect his decision on who to pitch. This is my own speculation, but I think Manuel would go with Blanton in poor conditions, since he seems to be the most low-maintenance starter. Happ and Martinez, both of whom have battled muscle strains over the past month, would not be ideal cold-weather starters.

Second, here are the line-ups for today:


  1. Jimmy Rollins SS
  2. Shane Victorino CF
  3. Chase Utley 2B
  4. Ryan Howard 1B
  5. Jayson Werth RF
  6. Raul Ibanez LF
  7. Pedro Feliz 3B
  8. Carlos Ruiz C
  9. Cole Hamels LHP


  1. Carlos Gonzalez LF
  2. Dexter Fowler CF
  3. Todd Helton 1B
  4. Troy Tulowitzki SS
  5. Garrett Atkins 3B
  6. Yorvit Torrealba C
  7. Ryan Spillborghs RF
  8. Clint Barmes 2B
  9. Aaron Cook RHP