Werth third; Happ a possibility for Mets?

Batting practice has begun here at Nationals Park. Nothing earth-shattering to come out of pre-game. The Phillies haven't made a decision on who will pitch against the Mets on Sunday. Cole Hamels is a very real possibility, but a lot depends on how he feels in the days leading up to the game. Even if the Phillies elect not to start Hamels at Shea, they'll have a decision to make. Neither pitching coach Rich Dubee nor manager Charlie Manuel ruled out J.A. Happ as a possibility today. That doesn't mean he is a serious candidate to get a start here. But it is something the Phillies will at least consider.

Happ pitched 4 2/3 innings against the Mets back on July 4, allowing two runs on three hits and walking four.


Manuel briefly mentioned the possibility of starting Kendrick against teams who he's had success against, and maybe getting someone else to fill in the gaps.

In no way did he make it seem like that is currently a realistic possibility, but it got me thinking, and here are Kendrick's breakdowns against the Phillies' five remaining opponents.

Mets: 1-1, 2.57 ERA in four career starts.
Braves: 3-1, 3.67 ERA in six career starts.
Brewers: Two runs in seven innings in one start last season.
Nationals: 1-1, 6.75 ERA in two starts this season
Marlins: 1-1, 6.10 ERA in two starts this season


Charlie Manuel threw a little wrinkle into the lineup today, putting Jayson Werth third in front of Ryan Howard and Pat Burrell.

Here is the complete lineup:

1. Rollins SS

2. Utley 2B

3. Werth RF

4. Howard 1B

5. Burrell LF

6. Victorino CF

7. Feliz 3B

8. Ruiz C

9. Hamels LHP