Post your Predictions

Predictions are like rear ends. Everyone has one. And they usually stink.

After waffling all week on my decision, I went with the Phillies in six. If you want logical rationale, it is the fact that Brett Myers and Cole Hamels will pitch four of the six games, and I think they have a decent shot at carrying this team. In reality, though, I just have a feeling.

We'll see what happens.

Here are some others from across the country. Feel free to share yours. Just get it in by game time.

Bill Conlin: Phillies, 4-3
Paul Hagen: Rays, 4-2
Rich Hofmann: Rays, 4-3
John Smallwood: Phillies, 4-2
Sam Donnellon: Rays, 4-2
Marcus Hayes: Phillies, 4-2
Ed Barkowitz: Phillies, 4-1

Peter Gammons: Phillies, 4-3
Jim Caple: Rays, 4-0
Keith Law: Rays, 4-2
Tim Kurkjian: Rays, 4-3
Rob Neyer: Rays, 4-1
Jayson Stark: Phillies, 4-2
Jerry Crasnick: Phillies, 4-3
Adrian Wojnarowski: Rays, 4-3
Bob Klapisch: Rays, 4-2
Tom Verducci: Phillies, 4-3
Jon Heyman: Phillies, 4-2
John Donovan: Rays, 4-2
Albert Chen: Phillies, 4-2
Ben Reiter: Rays, 4-3
Lee Jenkins: Rays, 4-2
Michael Bamberger: Phillies, 4-3
Ted Keith: Rays, 4-2
Gennaro Filice: Rays, 4-2
Danny Knobler: Rays, 4-1
Eric Mack: Rays, 4-2
Scott Miller: Rays, 4-2
Mark Rosen: Rays, 4-3
Ken Rosenthal: Rays in 7