Phillies make major announcement

Some big trade deadline news from One Phillies Way this afternoon. . .

For the second straight year, Citizens Bank Park has been named the most vegetarian-friendly stadium in Major League Baseball.

According to a press release distributed by PETA (I think it stands for People Eating Tasy Animals), the Bank grabbed the honor thanks to "its phenomenal brand-new mock-chicken sandwich, faux Philly steak, and crab-free crab cake."

PETA is also delighted that the park also offers a faux Philly steak, veggie dogs, Gardenburgers, a roasted vegetable sandwich, tomato basil soup, peanut butter and jelly, and various salads.


Here's what I found funny: PETA's email announcing the honor popped into my inbox seconds after the Phillies sent out a press release announcing a Media Barbecue Tasting (that's Media tasting Barbecue, not Barbecue made out of media -- at least I don't think. . .I should probably check up on that) outside the stadium in the coming weeks.