Phillies formally file protest

Ryan Howard and the Phillies did not agree with the outcome of Sunday's game. (Hector Gabino/AP)

The Phillies formally filed a protest today of yesterday's 14-inning loss to the Marlins.

General manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said the basis of the protest is that the Phillies don't believe the replay rule was properly applied. 

"We felt like we had grounds to back Charlie’s protest, and we’ll let Major League Baseball make the decision," Amaro said. "Our feeling was that we frankly that the utilization of the video was not properly used in this case. But we’ll see."

By now you know that Hunter Pence was ruled out on fan interference call after initially being awarded a double in the sixth inning of what ended up as a 5-4 Phillies loss. The ruling change could have cost the Phillies two runs. 

A fan wearing a Phillies jersey reached over the railing and tried to catch the ball with his hat. Marlins outfielder Bryan Peters' glove hit the hat when he attempted to make the play.

Afterward, Charlie Manuel said he protested because he did not believe the replay review was valid because only home runs are reviewable. The umpires said the review was valid because the Philliwes were arguing that it should have been a home run.

Asked what he expects to get out of it, Amaro said, "I don’t have an answer for that. We just felt like we had grounds."

Amaro said he did not know how long it would take to get a ruling. He the way the rule is written in the rulebook is "very clear."

"Our feeling was that, in our estimation, how you interpret the rule is that you utilize the video replay to decide whether a ball is a home run or not," he said. "We didn’t feel that was the case in this case."

Amaro said he is comfortable with the current replay system and does not think that it should be expanded beyond home runs.

He declined to comment when asked about the difference in statements made by Manuel and umpire Joe West. Manuel said he did not ask for a replay. West said the manager did. "I’m not going to get those discussions," Amaro said.

Asked whether he wanted the game to be replayed from the point of the issue, Amaro said, "Well, I think we’re just trying to do what we think is right. And we’ll deal with the consequences after that."

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