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Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

At first, I was going to take a principled stand and refuse to write a blog post. But by the time I made that decision, my Twitter feed and email inbox were full of questions regarding a Chris May tweet of a WIP rumor that alleges the Phillies are "aggressively" pursuing Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton. So I decided that I had to write something. Then I figured, why not go all out and search engine optimize my headline, since really what we have here is little more than a naked grab for metrics. So, apologies, you will not find any boobs in this post. You will, however, find an explanation of why I wouldn't infer that the Phillies have a shot in hell of acquiring Stanton, even if they are, as alleged, aggressively pursuing him.

First, any general manager who has not at least checked in on Stanton is not doing his job, because right-handed-hitting outfielders in their early-20's who have 40-home-run power and a salary under $750,000 are not exactly an abundant commodity in baseball. Second, if any of those general managers gets the faintest hint that Stanton could be had for anything less than a vital internal organ and does not exhaust himself attempting to make it happen is not doing his job. 

The point is, if Giancarlo Stanton is made available, then there will be 29 teams attempting to acquire him, and the Phillies will not be the team that can put together the most impressive package of prospects for him. And it would take an unprecedented package to make it happen, because the Marlins have absolutely no incentive to trade him. He is cheap, he is owed no money beyond this season, he is marketable, and he hits home runs like few others in the majors. In short, there is no downside to keeping him. So if you are going to convince the Marlins to trade him, it is going to take a ridiculous offer to do so. And that's if the Marlins would even think about trading him.

So, there's that.