Philadelphia Sportsweek Podcast Episode 1

The Eagles finished with eight wins. The Phillies finished with 102. But who was the bigger disappointment? And, more importantly, what does each team need to do to make 2012 a year of fulfilled expectations? 

Daily News writers David Murphy and Rich Hofmann tackle both questions in full detail in the first episode of our new weekly sports talk show, The SportsWeek Podcast, available to stream or download in mp3 format below. 

Among the highlights of this week's hour-long episode:

College scouting guru Wes Bunting of the National Football Post joins us from the Senior Bowl practices in Mobile, Ala. to break down the various avenues the Eagles could travel on draft day in late April.

Bunting breaks down the various linebackers who grade out as potential first day picks. He also tells you which quarterback the Eagles could consider. And does he really think that they could end up drafting another offensive or defensive lineman? If you want deep draft knowledge, make sure you check out this segment (it starts at 43:15).

- Eagles beat writer Les Bowen explains why he thinks the Eagles will make a personnel change on defense, just not at defensive coordinator. He also explains why he thinks drafting a quarterback is more possible than some people think. And he talks about the madness that is Senior Bowl week in Mobile (22:15).

Rich says the Eagles season was more disappointing. Dave disagrees (02:45). Both think there is more pressure on the Phillies in the 2012 season despite Jeffrey Lurie putting Andy Reid on notice (01:07:00).

Rich has some serious reservations about the Jim Thome move. (13:15)

- Most of the focus this offseason has been on the Eagles' defense, but both Dave and Rich think Reid should be on the lookout for a big-bodied possession receiver.

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