On Myers, Park, the World Series, Chick Flicks, Citi Field and More

To the left is one of my favorite cartoons of all-time. It is from the Far Side, written by Gary Larson. I am posting it here because, tonight, I am a glass-is-half-full type of person. Why am I a glass-is-half-full type of person? Because I just watched a highlight from the Orioles game, which was delayed not once but twice due to rain. And the Mets-Phillies game was delayed zero times due to rain, despite ominous skies throughout.

Anyway, enough about me. Let's talk about some things that will and some things that won't be in the paper tomorrow:

1) Citi Field. I don't know if you care to hear my impression of it, but I am going to give it to you anyway. I was searching for the right word to describe it, and I think I'm going to settle on "anti-climactic" (I can only hope that when I die, my life is not described as anti-climactic). The stadium is nice compared to Shea Stadium, but a plywood shack in a shantytown is nice compared to Shea. Maybe the problem wasn't Citi Field. Maybe it was me. I was expecting something big, something grand, something, you know, New York-ish. But it's just a new stadium. The black walls combined with the towering stands lends a sort of drab feel to the place, and you really feel enclosed. It's almost like somebody plucked the top off of a dome. I'll give the press box food a B+, but the concessions get an A. This might be the only place that beats Citizens Bank Park in variety. There's pizza, hoagies, traditional ballpark fare -- and that is only the places that I saw. The other drawback to the place is that there are 40,000 New Yorkers there. But I guess there is no way they could have changed that.

2) What's up with all the grand slams this year? Ryan Braun just hit one tonight.

3) We've got a neat little note in the paper tomorrow about a tribute to Harry Kalas that the Phillies plan to keep going all season.

4) What was the secret to Chan Ho Park's success tonight (six scoreless innings, one hit)? Manager Charlie Manuel said he though Park had a much better rhythm than his previous starts. Park said he had a better slider and was more aggressive with his fastball.

5) Jayson Werth said he hesitated before throwing home after fielding Pedro Feliz's errant throw in foul territory in right field because he was confused by everything that was happening. When Werth looked up, nobody was at third base and Feliz, third base coach Razor Shines, short stop Jimmy Rollins and Carlos Delgado were all down the third base line.

“I didn’t pick up on the plate right away,” Werth said. “I think Pedro and Jimmy (Rollins) and Delgado and the third base coach were all a third of the way or half way down the line. I didn’t pick up on the plate, and by the time I did, I got called for travelling.”

6) Do the Astros not teach backing up to the fielders in their organization? Carlos Beltran left Daniel Murphy hanging the other night and Carlos Lee just did it to Michael Bourn tonight.

7) Top Five Borderline Chick-Flicks That I Actually Like: 1) Legends of the Fall, 2) Love Actually, 3) For Love of the Game; 4) The Notebook; 5) Can't Hardly Wait