No Surgery (Yet) For Flash

Phillies head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan spoke with reporter prior to the game tonight and filled us in on Tom Gordon's elbow situation. Essentially, his visit to Dr. Lewis Yocum in California confirmed what team doctor Michael Ciccotti had found in an MRI: he has a damaged ulnar collateral ligament, some muscle damage, and a bone chip that has broken off the end of his humerus (the knob you feel at the end of your elbow).

Surgery is a possibility, but Gordon is going to try to take a non-operative approach. He'll be in a brace for another three weeks before checking back in with Ciccotti. At that point he will re-evaluate his options.

Gordon's season is essentially over.

"You never want to say he can't, but I would say just like before, it's highly unlikely that you are going to see Tom Gordon pitch this year for us," Sheridan said.