New York, New York: Day Two

Good morning/afternoon.

Kyle Kendrick's on the hill tonight against Mike Pelfrey.

The two youngsters squared off last year on July 1, a game that Kendrick and the Phillies won 5-3.

What's that mean for tonight? Not really sure.

A lot will depend on if Jimmy Rollins plays. The short stop was in good spirits after the game yesterday and didn't appear to be limping too bad. Paul Hagen has the update here. Rollins is hopeful he can play. I'll try to get an upate on it as soon as we talk to Charlie Manuel before the game today.

Here's what else we're watching:

1) NINE ALIVE: Phils have now won nine straight over the Mets and two straight overall. They can win back-to-back-to-back games for the first time today.

2) CHASE UTLEY: Here's our game story from yesterday. Utley got hit with a ball four times. I've never seen that before, but it has apparently happened. Nomar Garciaparra got plunked three times at the plate in 2006.

3) LIDGE: Brad Lidge should be available if called up on to pitch tonight. As for Tom Gordon, who was magnificent again yesterday, a lot will depend on how he feels today before the game. He's pitched in back-to-back games, but has thrown just 20 pitches.

4) BOUNCEABILITY: I'll be interested to see how the Phils bounce back from last night's win. Taking two of three in this series would be huge.