New draft pick compensation rules affect Phillies

Closer Ryan Madson is getting his first crack at free agency this year. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal just reported an interesting wrinkle in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement that is expected to be announced early next week. According to his source, teams who sign Type A free agent relievers will not be forced to give up a first round draft pick. Unfortunately for the Phillies, the new rule will not be retroactive, meaning the Phillies will still have to give up their 2012 first-rounder to Boston because they signed Jonathan Papelbon before the new CBA went into effect. 

According to Rosenthal, the Phillies will still get some type of compensatory picks when Ryan Madson signs with another team. But unlike recent years, one of those picks will not be a first-rounder.