Myers will be examined by doctor, MRI possible

I know there's been a lot of speculation about whether Brett Myers' health has been responsibly or partly responsible for his drop in velocity and his all around struggles this season. The Phillies don't think he's injury, Myers hasn't said he is injured, and they certainly aren't too concerned about his health give that he pitched last night in Lehigh Valley.

That said. . .Myers will undergo some medical tests in Philadelphia at some point in the next couple of days. I talked to Ruben Amaro yesterday and he said that it wasn't even accurate to call the tests precautionary. "Informational" is the word he used. Whether or not an MRI is involved remains to be seen. But it is a possibility.

Myers was on the shelf last year for a couple of months with a shoulder strain, so there is some history there.


Adam Eaton entered last night's game with some of the worst run support in the league.

The Phillies offense finally backed him up. Eaton himself wasn't great. He walked five batters and wasn't as sharp as he has been in some of his losses and no decisions. But he made it into the sixth and gave the Phillies a chance to win.