Moyer hospitalized

Jamie Moyer had surgery to repair torn tendons in his groin and lower abdomen in September, then was hopsitalized in October for a blood infection. (Michael S. Wirtz/Staff file photo)

Veteran lefty Jamie Moyer is expected to spend the next few days at Thomas Jefferson University hospital as doctors attempt to pinpoint the cause of renewed pain in his surgically-repaired groin/lower abdomen.

Here's team doctor Michael Ciccotti on the situation, which he says should not at this point prevent Moyer from returning for the start of spring training.

"As you know, seven weeks ago Jamie had a sports hernia repair by Dr. Bill Myers, who is a national expert," Ciccotti said. "And he had it done at Hanehman University, where Dr. Myers is, and everything went very well. And maybe since the weekend he started to have some increasing discomfort, some symptoms, and that prompted us to have him come to Philadelphia to be evaluated. He saw Bill Myers. Our feelng was we would have him admitted to Thomas Jefferson. We're in the midst of evaluating him. He's very comfortable. He's walking. He's up. He's doing his normal routine. And we're in the midst of evaluting him and treating him for this increase in pain. He's getting some tests, a MRI. We'll be monitoring him over the next several days. He's continuing to exercise as his comfort allows. That's really where we're at right now. His recurrent discomfort or pain is what prompted him to be evaluated and to come up here to be seen by Dr. Myers, who has done the surgery, so he could get a better perspective on it."


The Phillies have made several minor league signings over the past week. The headliner is probably DeWayne Wise, a 32-year-old utility man who is best known as the guy who saved Mark Buehrle's perfect game with an outstanding leaping catch at the wall.

Wise hit .225/.262/.366 in 153 plate appearances for the White Sox. The Phillies also have signed 31-year-old Wilson Valdez, another utility man who hit .256/.326/.337 in 95 plate appearances for the Mets.