Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best hitting of them all?

I was bored yesterday, so I walked around the clubhouse throwing out this scenario:

Two outs, bottom of the ninth, tie game, runner on second.

Which Phillies pitcher would you send to the plate?

Hey, it isn't the most hard-hitting journalism you'll ever read, but I figured with the hot-hitting Micah Owings pitching today for the Diamondbacks, and with some Phillies pitchers coming up big with the bat recently, it was worth exploring.

The Results?

Hamels won by a vote, though Adam Eaton busted out of his 0-for-10 slump last night with a double to left center.

Here's the notebook from today.

Also, Jerry Crasnick happened to write a story today on the best hitting pitchers in the entire league. Check it out. . . Eaton and Hamels didn't make the top 9, but they were honorable mentions.

We'll keep an eye on the J-Roll situation today. Stay tuned.