Mike Schmidt 'flattered' to be of service in David Plouffe's smacking down of Bob Woodward

Mike Schmidt wasn't exactly sure about the reason for all of the text messages that flooded his phone last week, when a senior adviser to President Barack Obama name-checked Schmidt in a Twitter takedown of famed journalist Bob Woodward, who was claiming that Plouffe had threatened him in an email about a piece of writing. 

I was curious what Schmidt thought of all of the hoopla, so I figured I'd ask the legendary third baseman, who is in camp until March 14 as a special instructor. 

"It is flattering that he felt that way," Schmidt said. 

Schmidt said he does not know Plouffe, a Wilmington native who is a member of the President's inner circle. 

"I got a lot of texts and emails about it," Schmidt said. "Apparently the guy was from our area up there and was a fan when I played. He was young, probably. But I don't know that I was perfect."

Schmidt limits his swinging to the golf course these days because of the wear on his body. So Plouffe's imagination of what Schmidt would look like facing live pitching is probably accurate.