Mike Adams has biceps soreness

The 30th pitch Mike Adams tossed Monday was a ball, and that signaled a merciful end to his first outing in 17 days. (Matt Slocum/AP)

Jeremy Horst vs. Ryan Braun.

It didn't look like a fair matchup from the seat of your couch, did it? Well, you're not alone.

"When I looked at it," Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said. "I figured Horst might have a hard time.”

But as Manuel continued, "it's what it was."

Justin De Fratus was unavailable, as was Antonio Bastardo. And Mike Adams wasn't an option either, and may not be for the rest of the weekend.

Following Friday night's 5-4 loss to the Brewers, Manuel said Adams, the set-up man who signed a two-year, $12 million deal this winter, was experiencing soreness.

"Irritation in like my bicep," Adams said. "I'll just kind of give it a couple days to kind of calm down. I should be ready to go after that."

Adams, who has already made a trip to the DL this year with a back injury, went on to say he's had it before, that it's not a big deal and more of an irritation. 

But in a game when the Phils needed their bullpen after Cliff Lee blew a 4-0 lead, it probably felt like more than a minor irritation to Manuel and the people back in Philly wondering why Jeremy Horst was facing Ryan Braun in the ninth inning of a tie game.




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