Mayberry out of line-up at Lehigh Valley

Still no word on who the Phillies will call up after tonight's game, but John Mayberry would seem to be a likely candidate. The outfield prospect, whom the team acquired from the Rangers this offseason for Greg Golson, is a right-handed power hitter who fits the mold of the player the Phillies will be looking for to fill out their bench against lefties Andy Pettitte and CC Sabathia.

Just talked to someone up in Lehigh Valley who told me that Mayberry is not in the line-up tonight, although he is present at the IronPigs' ballpark. It is the first time this season Mayberry has not been in the line-up.

That could serve as an indication that the Phillies are planning on calling him up after tonight's game. INF Pablo Ozuna, another candidate, is in the line-up.

Mayberry could just be getting a day off. We'll find out soon.