Martinez to throw sim. game tomorrow, maybe start Sunday

New Phillies starter Pedro Martinez is scheduled to pitch a simulated game Tuesday. (AP / File photo)

Pedro Martinez is scheduled to throw a simulated game against Phillies minor leaguers in Clearwater, Fla. tomorrow. Martinez said that from that point on, he will assume his normal pitching routine, throwing in a game every five days until he is ready to join the active roster.

If Martinez sticks to the schedule he outlined in an interview this afternoon, he will make his first rehab start on Sunday, likely for the Clearwater Threshers, who are home Sunday. He could then pitch again on July 31, then Aug. 4, and so on.

"I'm going to start getting into a regular routine," said Martinez, who has not pitched in a big league game since September of last season. "I'm going to throw a simulted game, I'm going to take my second day and throw a side session, and then go to a game. And then, on and on, just act like a regular starting pitcher."

Martinez said he is confident he can remain on a schedule that has him pitching once every fifth day.

"I can bounce back really good," Martinez said.

Martinez reported to Clearwater Monday at noon. He played catch in the outfield. Tomorrow will mark his first appearance against live batters since he threw a simulated game for the Phillies in the Dominican Republic 10 days ago.

"I'm ready," Martinez said. "I did it in Santo Domingo and I'm ready to do it here."

So when will Martinez be ready to make his big league debut? A lot depends on how his body responds during his rehab progression. If the Phillies feel he is ready after two official rehab starts, he could debut against the Rockies at home. Thanks to an off day on Aug. 3, he could be lined up to pitch on Rodrigo Lopez's day on Aug. 5. If he needs another rehab start, he could be ready that weekend against the Marlins.

Martinez's contract is officially a one-year, $2 million deal. Pro-rated, it amounts to roughly $1 million guaranteed. He'll also earn $75,000 per start after his fifth start and $100,000 per start after his 10th start. Martinez also has some incentives that will reward him if the Phillies end up using him out of the bullpen. He'll receive $50,000 if he makes 50 relief appearances and another $50,000 if he makes 20, then another $50,000 if he makes 25.

Martinez will also earn $50,000 after his 15th day on the active roster, $50,000 after his 30th day, $50,000 after his 45th day, $50,000 after his 60th day, and $50,000 after his 75th day. None of these include stints on the disabled list.

Assuming Martinez sticks to the progression he outlined, here is a look at his schedule, along with the Phillies' scheduled rotation:

Tues - vs. Cubs (Blanton) (Martinez sim. game)

7/22- vs. Cubs (Moyer)

7/23- vs. Padres (Hamels)

7/24- vs. Cardinals (Happ)

7/25- vs. Cardinals (Lopez)

7/26- vs. Cardinals (Blanton) (Martinez rehab start)

7/27 - at Arizona (Moyer)

7/28 - at Arizona (Hamels)

7/29 - at Arizona (Happ)

7/30 - at Giants (Lopez)

7/31 - at Giants (Blanton) (Martinez rehab start)

8/1  - at Giants (Moyer)

8/2 - at Giants (Hamels)

8/3 - OFF