Manuel not considering DL for Rollins

Jimmy Rollins will not start tonight for the sixth straight game. He's already missed an entire series with the Cubs, and it isn't clear if he'll get back on the field in time to face the Astros. Charlie Manuel said he was still hopeful that Rollins will be back soon, and that the injured left ankle continues to be a "day-to-day" thing.

While a lot of you out there in Phillies Nation may be getting restless, Manuel said today that he isn't thinking about sending Rollins to the disabled list in order to free up a roster spot.

Rollins will be available for pinch-hitting duties.

He took some ground balls at short before practice, but said the ankle was still too sore when he planted on it.


Jayson Werth will be your new leadoff hitter, followed by catcher Carlos Ruiz.

The rest of the batting order progresses as you might think.

I'm glad Werth is getting an opportunity to play in this role. He reached base four times in the Phils' loss to the Cubs Sunday and has all the tools to be a regular player. The increased at-bats should help him.


The Phillies took bunting practice prior to tonight's game.

They've struggled advancing runners over the past week.