Manuel: 'This is a test'

Here are some excerpts from Charlie Manuel's meeting with the media before tonight's game:

* On his team's resiliency: I think we've been down quite a bit since I've been in Philly, and I've seen us in tough times. It's something that we rise to the occasion. And this is a test right here. This is a good test.
And our guys -- and I'll walk around today and I'll talk to every one of them, probably, and make eye-to-eye contact with them. I don't know if it will be about baseball or not. It will be the fact we know what we've got to do.
We know when the season started we had one thing in mind, and that was our goal was -- our ultimate goal was to get to the World Series and win. And we know that's what we're playing for. But now we can't afford to lose tonight, of course. We know that. We know exactly where we're at. We've got to keep going. We came to the ballpark today determined we were going to win.

* On changing back his lineup to Placido Polanco hitting second and Chase Utley third: That's been my lineup most of the year, except for Jimmy at times -- earlier in the season that was basically kind of the lineup I had on Victorino, when Jimmy was healthy, but we didn't have it very long. But I like -- I wanted to put as many left-hand hitters as possible kind of join them, because I figure like we've got to score runs on Lincecum. And we'll have a lefty situation if it arises, and hopefully it will come up. We've got to score runs to get to it. But at the same time, too, I also think that, I said before, Utley's average against left-hand pitchers a little bit higher than Polanco's. Like I went back to what's been the best for us against right hand pitchers.

* On Utley's offensive struggles and health: He said he's not hurt but he's had a hard time finding the swing, consistently. We've had -- like Ryan Howard has been the same way, so has Jimmy. We had those guys out for quite a while and they're having -- their production -- and also their swings, when you look at how they perform in the past and just their swing and the balance and rhythm and quickness in their swings and things like that, or timing, like they were having a hard time really -- Chase, he's had a hard time being consistent in that. But he says that he's healthy. And I believe him. I think it's the fact that it's a mental aspect for Chase as far as he mentally really gets into the game, his focus is so hard sometimes, that like you're seeing I think he tries too hard at times.

* On whether Brad Lidge would have pitched the ninth last night had Roy Oswalt not volunteered: No, probably not. Unless we just absolutely made our mind up right there. We had Romero and we had Kendrick. And like we might try to do something with those guys. I mean, on the road we've had Lidge. He's been our closer. Like we've held him to one inning most all year, I think, pretty much. I'm trying to think if we used him for four outs anytime. I don't think we have. But at the same time that's how we look at him and he's our closer.