Manuel talks about benching Rollins

Charlie Manuel benched Jimmy Rollins for not running out a pop up. (Ed Hille/Staff Photographer)

It was just two weeks ago that Charlie Manuel met with Jimmy Rollins about his failure to run out a groundball against the Marlins. So when the manager saw Rollins give less than full effort on a pop fly that was dropped by Mets pitcher Jon Niese in the sixth inning on Thursday, he took the next step. After the inning, Manuel pulled Rollins from the game, replacing him at shortstop with Michael Martinez. While Rollins reached first base on the play in question, he might have had a shot at second had he run at full speed.

"It's up to me to back up what I say," Manuel said. 

The manager said he asked Rollins in the dugout if he thought he ran hard on the pop fly. Manuel did not go into detail on what Rollins' response was. 

My frustration grows any time I see anybody not hustle. It grows if I see the other team not hustle.

"My frustration grows any time I see anybody not hustle," Manuel said. "It grows if I see the other team not hustle."

Manuel did not say whether Rollins would be in the lineup tomorrow.

"That's between Jimmy and I," he said.

Manuel said he thought that he and Rollins were on the same page after the conversation in Milwaukee.

"The conversation that Jimmy and I had, I think we understand one another, and I hope the guys on our team understand me too," Manuel said.