Live from Terminal C

We're back at the Philadelphia Airport, getting ready to hop on Flight 1029 to South Florida, where later tonight the Phils will start a big series against the National League East-leading Marlins. The big news, of course, is Cole Hamels, who left yesterday after being hit by a Prince Fielder line drive in the back of the arm. The word from the lefty is that he is OK, and that he will not miss any starts. The ball hit all muscle, which, other than leaving a nice welt, didn't do any structural damage.

Here's the story.

Here's what else is going on. . .

1) I'm attempting to give up caffeine. I mention that first because I usually have a fresh cup of coffee by my side when I doodle around on this blog. Why am I giving up caffeine? No good reason, really. Every now and then I go on a big self-improvement kick and this is one of them. I'll welcome any suggestions from people who have kicked the habit without committing any felonies in the process.

2) Carlos Ruiz will start his rehab assignment on Saturday. Charlie Manuel said at one point earlier this week that he thought the assignment would last four games, which would put Ruiz in position to re-join the team on Wednesday. Whenever that happens, Lou Marson will head back down to Triple A.

3) A week from today begins the first series of the season against the Mets.

4) Anyone happen to catch Adam Eaton's gem last night? He allowed two runs on six hits in 7 2/3 innings while striking out nine. But have no fear. Eaton actually had several similar outings at the beginning of his Phillies career. In his second start iwth the team, he allowed two runs on four hits in seven innings against the mets. On May 15, he allowed two runs on four hits in 7 2/3 innings against the Brewers. And in June he allowed four hits iini seven innings against the White Sox. Since June of 2007, however, he hadn't pitched at least seven innings and allowed fewer than three runs until yesterday.

5) Brett Myers and Josh Johnson are on the mound tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing Johnson pitch.

6) Flight is getting ready to board. We'll check in later from the ballpark in Florida.