Fun Facts, The Brad Lidge Finishing Fourth in the Cy Young Edition

Props to ace Assistant Sports Editor Chuck Bausman for grabbing this off the AP Wire and forwarding it. . .

Brad Lidge finished fourth in the National League Cy Young Voting, which is a surprise to me. I thought he was deserving of consideration, but I never thought he'd finish one point ahead of C.C. Sabathia, which he did.

Lidge went 41-for-41 in the regular season and 7-for-7 in the postseason. Right now, the three-year, $37.5 million deal he signed midseason is looking like a pretty good deal for the Phillies.

A few other fun facts for you:

1) Lidge is the first Phillies pitcher to finish as high as fourth since Curt Schilling also finished fourth in 1997, when he went 17-11 with a 2.97 ERA.

2) Lidge's finish is the highest by a closer since 2006, when the Padres' Trevor Hoffman finished second behind Brandon Webb.

3) This isn't the first time in Lidge's career that he has received a vote for the Cy Young Award. In 2004, when he saved 29 games with a 1.90 ERA for the Astros, he received exactly one point.

4) The last closer to win a Cy Young Award was the Dodgers' Eric Gagne, who saved 55 games in 2003.

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