Lee throws 40 pitches, Victorino throws tantrum

Cliff Lee threw 40 pitches to live hitters in Day 2 of live hitting at spring training. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Cliff Lee's arm-pit looked A-OK today as he threw about 40 pitches in live batting practice this morning. Lee estimated yesterday that he is maybe 5 or 10 pitches behind the other guys in camp, but the other guys in camp have all thrown around 40 pitches in live BP, so it appears as if Lee is right on schedule.

The veteran lefty is scheduled to make his Grapefruit League debut on Tuesday.

I have some video that I shot Zapruder-style and I'll see if I can't load that up here for you guys to gander at. It isn't of the highest quality. Probably makes Blair Witch Project look like it was shot by Scorsese. But watching it is probably better than doing whatever it is that your employer pays you to do.


Mike Schmidt is in camp today. We always have a sit-down with him, and there isn't always a heck of a lot to ask him. So if you have any questions you want me to fire his way, let me know.


Watched Vance Worley throw to hitters today. It's impossible to make any judgments this early in camp. But since we're on topic, I really wouldn't be surprised to see him have a strong spring and make the Phillies think about finding a spot for him in their bullpen. Maybe they want him starting in Triple-A. But I could really see him filling a Durbin-type role with the stuff and moxie that he has. And yes, I just used the word moxie.


Shane Victorino is lampooned in the satirical newspaper/web site The Onion:

Shane Victorino's Parents Bracing for Annual Spring Training Tantrum.



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