Kendrick Optioned to Minors, plus High Cheese on Twitter

The Phillies informed Kyle Kendrick Monday morning that they were sending him down to the minors. (Jerry Lodriguss / File photo)

It's tough not to feel bad right now for Kyle Kendrick, who was informed about an hour ago that he was being optioned to the minors. While the Phillies were open about their belief that he needed to improve his secondary pitches in order to develop into a consistent big league starter, I'm sure the decision still came as something of a shock to him. After all, once you have been part of a major league team for a year and a half, it has to be tough to head back to the minors.

That said, I'm sure he'll realize in due time that the minors are the best place for him right now. He has never been a reliever. So what sense does it make to hang around as the last man in the bullpen? Instead, go to the minors, work on what you need to work on to develop staying power, and then hopefully return sometime down the road for the long haul. I'm sure this is what the Phillies are hoping happens.

Kendrick has yet to speak with the media, but I'm sure that will happen at some point in the near future.


High Cheese is now officially on Twitter.

Don't know what Twitter is? Don't worry. Neither did we until a few days ago. But it's a neat little tool that hopefully will give me another avenue to reach out to Phillies fans.