J.A. Happens

Say this about Philadelphia. It's the one place on Earth where you can see a man dressed as Benjamin Franklin sitting in the stands watching batting practice and not think twice about it. Other quasi-celebrity sightings today: Vince Papale of Invincible Fame and Phillies Director of Fun and Games John Brazer.

OK, so there was only one celebrity sighting: Brazer.

(Just kidding, Vince).

J.A. Happ just left the game, so I thought I'd update you all with his final line and give you a chance to react to his performance.

The line: 4 2/3 innings, three hits, two runs, four walks, three strikeouts.

The analysis: Charlie Manuel was wise to yank Happ when he did, and may have thought about doing it one out sooner. The bases were loaded, Happ was struggling with his control, and the heart of the Mets order was up.

That said, not a bad outing for Happ. Much better than a year ago. He threw way too many balls. There were the four walks, and he was behind in many other counts. He threw 96 pitches in just 4 2/3 innings. Other than that, he was solid. The Mets only hit a couple of balls hard -- off the top of my head, anyway -- a ground rule dobule by Ramon Castro and a fly out to left field by Endy Chavez.

Did he earn another start? I'd assume so. He didn't do anything that should make the Phils think twice about sending him out there in five days.