If a home run falls in an exhibition game. . .

Just to make life a little more difficult for those trying to quantify spring performance, none of the performances from the Phillies' game against Team Canada today will count toward official spring statistics. That means John Mayberry Jr. still only has one home run this spring. That two-run moon shot that he hit in the fourth inning? Didn't really happen. But this isn't a court of law, so I assume the Phillies will factor such hits into their verdicts when it comes time to set the Opening Day roster.

Other unofficial performances? Raul Ibanez hit a bases-clearing double in the third inning, giving him five RBI in his last two games, although he still only has four on the spring.

Got it?

Cole Hamels looked like Cole Hamels. Same hair. Same easy delivery. All the body parts appeared to be working. Aside from that, you can't really take anything else from the two scoreless innings he threw. Besides, when the history books are turned to Spring Training 2009, those two innings will not exist.