Halladay: 'It's bittersweet'

Roy Halladay threw a perfect game and a no-hitter in his first year with the Phillies. (Ron Tarver/Staff Photographer)

Roy Halladay reflected on his first season with the Phillies and making the playoffs for the first time in his career:

On the season: “It’s definitely the most fun I’ve ever had and it’s bittersweet because obviously the goals we had as a team, you come up short of that. That part is tough, but I think what we accomplished as a team, it’s stuff I will never forget. The whole year was a dream come true for me, really. We would have all loved to win it all. It’s hard to go on after the year we had. There was so much good stuff that happened … It was everything I ever hoped it would be.”

On his first playoff experience: “I spent 12 years not even coming close. I think you’re well aware of how hard it is … Not only do you have to have the best team, but you have be hitting things at the right time. There’s a lot of good timing. You hate to call it luck because you put in so much preparation. I don’t think luck is as big as a factor. A lot goes into it. To be playing your best baseball for a 2-3 week period at the end of the season is hard to do. I don’t think anybody had any illusions about that.”

On any surprises from his first year in Philly: “The fans stood out. Looking at the course of the entire season to sell out every single game, including the two exhibition games we played before the season started that was impressive. It’s a great sports town … I was really blown away from Day 1 to the very end how much support we receive.”

On whether he will watch the World Series: “I don’t know if I will this year. You’re still licking your wounds a little bit .. it’s definitely going to be tougher, knowing that we were two games away form being there yourself.”

On the team’s mindset: “We were motivated coming in. It does leave a sour taste in your mouth. As much fun as we had … there definitely will be a hunger … I really don’t feel like we took anything for granted. We realize the work it took and how close we came, that really stings.”

His most rewarding game: “Probably the last game to clinch the division. I think just because of what it meant for us as a team. Being able to celebrate as a team not only on the field but in the clubhouse, that was pretty special, something that I won’t ever forget. As far as exciting team moment, that was it for me.”

On his offseason regimen, given the heavy workload: “I have some experience with that, early in my career. We didn’t have the postseason, playing the extra 2-3 weeks. I definitely learned how to take steps back and mange myself appropriately. I think a lot of the stuff will be the same. I’ve made a lot of the changes the last few years … The program that I had was set up to try to allow myself to go as far as I could during the season. I felt really good the last few years doing that. As long as I can limit the off the mound stuff until spring training and just build arm strength and general body strength, I shouldn’t have a problem.” He said he will be back at the complex by Dec. 1 and work at home before that building strength.

Halladay said the groin injury he suffered in Game 5 was “basically, just a tear of the muscle tissue. No tendon damage or pulling anything from the bone. Definitely not something they would operate on.”

He said it would require a week or two of rest and then he would begin his regular program. He said the injury “would not have been a problem at all” had the Phillies advanced to the World Series.


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