Guess who's leading off. . .(you're probably wrong)

I got to the home clubhouse at about 10:20 this morning, perfect time to watch players and media as they strolled through the door one by one. Posted to the left of the door is a dry erase board where the day's line-up is written.

It was quite comical to watch the expressions on people's faces as they looked at that line-up.

Last night, it wasn't clear what Charlie Manuel would do with his line-up, since No. 2 hitter Shane Victorino went down with an injury last night and leadoff man Jimmy Rollins was already on the shelf with an ankle.

Who would lead off?

Who would bat second?

So Taguchi was an option. So was Jayson Werth. In fact, Werth had a few possibilities running through his head when he walked in.

Geoff Jenkins was not one of them.

"Our of all the lineups I projected in my head coming into the park today," Werth said, "Jenks leading off was not one of them."

But Jenks - or Jenkins - is leading off. The right fielder is known more as a power guy, who has normally hit fifth or sixth. He's never led off. Not even in high school.

But he'll lead off today, followed by Werth, Utley, Howard, Burrell, Feliz, Coste and Bruntlett.

"I want the green light," Jenkins joked.

Manuel's thinking? Jenkins has killed Cubs starter Jason Marquis in the past. With no real good options available, he figured why not try to get Jenkins another at-bat.

VICTORINO UPDATE: We won't talk to the center fielder until later, but he didn't look happy coming into the clubhouse today. He will meet with a team doctor this afternoon. It sounds like he had an MRI. More later. . .