Good point: What would have happened if Burrell had walked in the seventh?

Big ups to reader Larry Brady for raising this point in an email in the wake of tonight's remarkable 4-3 win over the Astros.

"Thank God Burrell struck out in the 7th inning because if he would have walked Manuel would have pinch ran for him," he writes.

Judging by past history, there's a chance that's true. If Burrell had reached base, So Taguchi might have been inserted as a pinch-runner/defensive replacement, and it would have been Taguchi facing Jose Valverde in the ninth inning. Then again, down by three runs, maybe not.

Burrell didn't reach, and he was still in the game in the ninth to hit a game-tying two-run home run off that eventually set up Pedro Feliz's game-winning double that sent Geoff Jenkins on a mad-dash home.

I don't point this out to call into question Manuel's philosophy of yanking Burrell from the game.

It's just interesting to consider.


Five alive:

1) Jenkins says he didn't see Steve Smith's stop sign at third base.

2) Smith decided to try to hold Jenkins up because he saw the opportunity for a good throw. Plus, there was only one out, which would have left the winning run on third base. Eric Bruntlett was on deck. Two outs, and Smith said he would have sent him.

3) The Iron Pigs won their second straight game tonight after starting 0-11. Chris Snelling, a former Piggie who endured 10 of those losses, hit the solo home run that started it all. Coincidence? Hmmmm. . . .

4) Adam Eaton doesn't serve to be 0-1 with two no decisions.

5) How about Chad Durbin? His 12 innings pitched are 4 2/3 more than tomorrow starter, Kyle Kendrick.