Galvis likely odd man out on Phillies bench

Charlie Manuel loves Freddy Galvis.

He loves Galvis's energy. He loves Galvis's instincts. He loves Galvis's glove - everywhere on the field.

But he also understands the 23-year-old Galvis is still a developing player and not a finish product. And he simply doesn't have a place to play Galvis enough regularly to keep his bat in motion.

The Phillies acquired 38-year-old infielder John McDonald from the Cleveland Indians on Thursday in exchange for cash or a player to be named later. Since McDonald isn't scheduled to arrive until Friday, the Phils won't make a roster move until some time after Thursday's game in Los Angeles.

But since the slick-fielding McDonald projects as the team's new utility infielder, it would appear Galvis is headed to Triple-A Lehigh Valley, where he can get regular at-bats as a starter.

"We’ll wait until we make a move before we say anything about that," Manuel said. "A lot can happen between now and tomorrow. We’ll see."

But Galvis needs to play more, correct?

"I think Freddy has to have some at-bats," Manuel said. "And I think, you know, it’s hard to take Freddy and let him play every now and then if you think he’s going to reach our expectations of him. When we evaluate him, we think he has a good chance of being a helluva player. If he’s going to stay here and only play once a week or something like that, that ain’t enough. That’s definitely not enough. But we’ll see."

Galvis played regularly when Chase Utley was on the disabled list in the last month, but he hasn't started a game - and has just one plate appearance - since Utley was activated on Friday.

Galvis is hitting .207 (31-for-150) with a .270 OBP, four home runs, four triples and four doubles in 54 games.

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