Free agent lefty still unlikely

The Phillies continue to monitor their free agent bullpen options, but as of yesterday morning lefthanders Will Ohman and Joe Beimel were still out of the team’s price range, which league sources have estimated at right around $1 million. One league source cautioned that “these things change by the day," but the Phillies' price-range is still far below that of what the available lefties are seeking.

The Phillies have had ongoing conversations with Ohman’s agent for the better part of the offseason, but team sources indicate that a deal is still a long-shot.
Beimel’s agent, Joe Sroba, said the Phillies have expressed interest in his client, but would not characterize the dialogue between the two sides.
“If anyone thinks that Joe has set his feet firmly in stone in November and has not moved, that is clearly not accurate,” Sroba said. “He’s offered a lot of flexibility and clubs need to do the same thing on their side.”
Problem is, the Phillies don't feel like they have a lot of flexibility, having already upped their payroll to an estimated $132.5 million.