Fraction of the day: 1/162nd

Esteemed philosopher Ice Cube once said, "Life ain't a track meet/it's a marathon."

He said some other stuff after that, but I'm not allowed to quote it on a family blog.

Fact of the matter is, a baseball season ain't a track meet either.

But, for now, one game is all we have to go on.

Here's some coverage from the paper today. I'll check back in in an hour or so with a lengthier blog post after I coffee up:\

  1. GAME STORY: With reminders of 2008 everywhere, how hard is it for the Phillies to move on to the present?
  2. NOTEBOOK: Charlie Manuel on middle-of-the-order that leans more to the left than Greenpeace
  3. HAGEN: Phillies need to wake up and smell the present
  4. HAYES: Breaking down Brett Myers' performance
  5. DONNELLON: The boo-birds were out.