Forecasting Hamels contract, Phillies win total, NL East foes (PODCAST)

If you have not yet checked out our podcast, or even if you have, make sure to download this week's episode for a lot of Phillies talk as I throw some over/unders at Rich Hofmann, Sam Donnellon and Marcus Hayes and get their predictions on the length of Cole Hamels' next contract (o/u 5.5 years), the Average Annual Value of that deal (o/u $20.1 million), the Phillies' 2012 win total (o/u 97.5) and the Phillies' 2012 postseason win total (o/u 2.5). You can hear Rich and Sam explain why they honestly believe a World Series is in the Cards, and you can hear me tell Marcus why he is drastically underestimating Cole Hamels worth on the open market. 

Also, I had an interesting conversation with Will Bunch, a senior writer at the Daily News who spent a lot of time researching the 1948 NFL championship game featuring the Philadelphia Eagles and Steve Van Buren for his new book (Check out Not only did we talk about the game itself, but about Philadelphia as a city and sports town in 1948 and the evolution of the Philadelphia sports fans' psyche between then and now. 

Also, Les Bowen checks in to share his thoughts on the Todd Bowles hiring and what it means for Juan Castillo. 

This is the best podcast yet. The audio quality is great, the guests have a lot of interesting things to say, and we managed to keep it under an hour. 

Check it out for a prelude to spring training. 

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