Eaton expects to be traded

Quick Adam Eaton update. . .

The righthander said he expects to be traded, but said he wouldn't mind starting the season as a Phillie.

"I think odds on favorite I'll probably going somewhere else, but that's a good thing too," Eaton said. "This isn't the only place I fit."

The Phillies would like to move Eaton, but will have to eat most of his $8.5 million salary in order to do it. General manager Ruben Amaro Jr. essentially ruled him out as a candidate for the fifth spot in the rotation, but earlier this week did not entirely eliminate the possibility of him being on the team at the end of spring training.

Eaton was conspicuosly absent from the Phillies' World Series celebration, though he said that he would have attended the parade, and would have liked to attend the parade, had he been invited by the team.

"Obviously, it hasn't been the best fit here," he said. "I haven't had two good years. For me to establish myself again, it might not be here, it might be somewhere else. It's nobody's fault, it's just the way it is. There are a lot of pitchers vying for the fifth spot, but like I said a couple years ago with myself and Lieber, stuff happens. Hopefully nothing happens and it makes it a very difficult decision for them, but I'll just get ready for a season. If it's a season to be a Phillies, so be it, I'm happy with that, and if it's a season to be somewhere else, that's the way it is."