ESPN's Keith Law ranks Adam Morgan over Jesse Biddle as top Phillies prospect

The Phillies' first-round draft pick, Jesse Biddle, smiles while meeting with local media members at Citizens Bank Park in 2010. (Yong Kim / Staff file photo)

ESPN baseball analyst Keith Law released his annual Top 100 prospects ranking today, and while the complete list is only available to subscribers of Insider, I can tell you that Law ranks lefty Adam Morgan as the Phillies' top prospect. While you can argue that ranking Morgan ahead of lefty Jesse Biddle -- who most other publications have at the top of their lists -- is a bit contrarian, it is a lot closer to reality than's decision to include righty Ethan Martin in its Top 100 picks. 

Law has Morgan at No. 92 and Biddle at No. 95. 

The thing you have to keep in mind is that a lot of these annual prospect rankings can be heavily influenced by people who have reputations at stake. For instance,'s decision to include Martin in its Top 100 could be evidence that the Phillies front office had some impactful input into the list, since Martin was acquired for Shane Victorino and it obviously makes the Phillies look good if they can say they acquired a Top 100 prospect in exchange for two months of a free-agent-to-be. 

Anyway, everything I have heard from people outside of the Phillies organization is that Morgan is well ahead of Martin in terms of readiness for the big leagues, and a couple of scouts have said that they like Morgan as much as any pitcher in the organization. I personally would not rank him ahead of Biddle at this point, but I'm not going to criticize Law for doing so. 

None of this is to say that Martin is not a prospect. He just has a lot of questions to answer, a lot more than Morgan. 

By the way, to put all of these lists into perspective, Law yesterday ranked the Phillies farm system 27th in terms of overall talent in the majors. 


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