Dubee sums it up best

Tomorrow in the paper you are going to read about 800 words on Kyle Kendrick. But Rich Dubee pretty much renders my job meaningless with this explanation of his meeting today with the young righthander:

"I told him he needs to pitch just like when he came up. There were no expectations of Kyle Kendrick when he first came up. He was a 3-6 pitcher in Double A, had never had a winning record I don't think in the minor leagues, so when he got up here, there were no expectations. He was a draw out of the hat. He wasn't even a guy who had been in big league camp that season. It was just a quick rush. Boom, here you are. And hey, if he pitched great, he pitched great, if he pitched poorly, well, he probably was supposed to pitch poorly, because he was a Double A kid being rushed. So there were no expectations. That's how he need to go approach down there. There aren't any expectations. The only expectations of him are to be committed to executing pitches. If he throws 100 pitches, how many can he throw to a specific location, with a firm committment too -- that's the mark of where he's making progress. I don't care what his numbers are in Triple A. Again, if he pitches to a 2.00 ERA and it's all predominantly sinkers, we have the same Kyle Kendrick we have right now. And that isn't good enough right now. So we are looking for growth in the pitching, in the pitchability area."