Dubee: Opening Day a 'long shot' for Hamels

Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels could miss his Opening Day start because of an elbow injury. (Eric Mencher / Staff Photographer)

Thought I'd pass this along before I head out to commemorate my heritage.

Pitching coach Rich Dubee put into words what GM Ruben Amaro Jr. and trainer Scott Sheridan inferred earlier today.

"Opening Day is a long shot," Dubee said.

The Phillies are going to be careful with Hamels. The fact that they have three off days mixed in with their first eight games means they could go with a four-man rotation until mid-April. I figured it out earlier today and he could start on Tax Day against the Nationals without causing any of the other four pitchers to start on short rest.

Given his history and his workload last season, I'd say that is a good bet.

Again, nothing definitive. But keep in mind that Brad Lidge wasn't ready for Opening Day last season. I'm not saying there isn't cause for concern. I'm just saying.


Should Cole Hamels start Opening Day?

Now, about that heritage. . .