Dubee happy with Halladay's spring finale

Phillies starter Roy Halladay talks to pitching coach Rich Dubee during a mound visit. (Michael Bryant/Staff Photographer)

Here is a transcript of pitching coach Rich Dubee talking about Roy Halladay's outing against the Blue Jays today:

On his overall impression of Halladay's spring: Of course he had the big speed bump with the flu I think that kind of set him back. But I think over the last couple of times he's gaining on them. He's gaining momentum. So I feel fine.

On Halladay's stuff: I thought he threw fine. He had two walks, I think. He had seven three-ball counts and I think five of them came in the stretch. So we've got some work to do out of the stretch. I think the wind-up was much better today. So we've got a little work to do stretch wise. Today was a little bit difficulty with the split. I don't know if it was the cold try air, having difficulty with the grip, he pulled a lot of them. A lot of those were pulled splits.

On Halladay's cutter: He threw some dandies. He threw some real good cutters. He struck out somebody on a backdoor cutter, Bonfifacio looking. He threw some that he got some action going away from righties and you saw a couple lefties chop balls. First our of the game was a cutter to Reyes. So he threw some that were much much better. So again, he's gaining momentum. I think gradually he's gaining his strength back, the strength that he lost. I think he went 95 pitches today. I think his arm slot continues to improve. For me, there is a lot of good there today.

On confusion between Halladay and catcher Erik Kratz: They got a little crossed up. He thought Kratzy was going in one area and Kratzy was going in another area which can really throw you off as a pitcher because you're locked in to one area and all of a sudden the catcher moves to a different direction, and two, it was from the stretch. He was a little quick and wasn't giving his arm a chance to catch up, so he threw a lot of elevated pitches not getting the the proper load yet.

On the pitch that Adam Lind lined off the wall: The ball to Lind was a backdoor cutter that was elevated. It cut. It was elevated. He was able to hit it with the flat plane of the bat. 

The key to refining Halladay's location: Time over the rubber, enough time to get his arm up in the proper slot, it's being able to get that good extension that he needs.

On satisfaction with Halladay: Health wise I think he's fine. He's going to have to do some stuff differently. Like any pitcher, he is going to have to go to Plan B, Plan C some days when he's not on top of his game, but how much more experience can you have to draw back on. This guy's got pitching awareness. I really don't (have reservations).

On whether Halladay will have to change his pitch ratios: Hopefully they'll shift back more to where he used to be. I think last year he got stuck in a lot of ruts where he went soft, soft, soft when he got 0-2, 1-2, and I think hitters slowed down to him. I think he's going to throw more sinkers in on lefthanders. I think he's going to continue to cut lefties. And I think he's going to throw more fastballs when he is ahead in the count to try to change it up a little bit. 

On whether he was happy with the outing: "I thought there were a lot of goods. A real lot of goods. I thought he held his legs fantastically, I think he's strong again. For me, today was a big upgrade.

On scouts who doubt Halladay: "So what? I don't know of any scout that's ever been 100 percent. I don't. First of all, one, when you are looking at players, you have to look at first, ability, and two you've got to look at characters. This guy's got plenty of ability still, believe me, and he's got the utmost character on the mound. He's a winner. What's he, 199-100? He may not have the same bullets, but he is still going to be able to pitch us quality games and win ballgames for us."

On whether Halladay has his hater blockers on: "I'm sure. And that's not a bad thing. This guy was doubted once before I think, years back, when he had to go back to A ball. I don't think there is anything wrong with having a little fire in your boiler a little bit. This is a competitive son of a gun and I think over the last two outings he's starting to gain on it.

On second inning: "That's part of spring training. For years, a lot of times you'd take a pitcher 45 pitches his first spring outing. For years, Doc has only wanted to throw two innings. The toughest part for him throughout his career is the number of sit downs and re cranks, sit downs and re cranks. Once the season gets going he becomes accustomed to that, his body becomes accustomed to sitting down cooling and then pitching again."

Dubee said Halladay will pitch on Wednesday against the Braves.