Don't Look Now. . .

. . .but the Phillies have won three out of four since being swept by the Dodgers in Los Angeles. Of course, they've done so against a pair of teams with a pair of the worst records in baseball.

1) I hope we can all agree that TRI is over now, which means I do not have to write any more about it. Some boos, some cheers. I've gotten worse receptions in my email inbox.

2) Jayson Werth started for the eighth time in the last nine games against right-handed starters. I talked to Werth about that on Sunday afternoon as the Phillies were packing up to leave San Diego, so hopefully I'll be able to share a little of that in the paper tomorrow. I didn't have space in Tuesday's paper, but it seems fairly appropriate now that he won last night's game off a righty.

3) Ruben Amaro Jr. confirmed to Paul Hagen yesterday that the Phillies are indeed interested in bringing in David Ross to provide some depth. At this point, it seems that's all Ross would be: depth. I'd guess he'd remain in the minors until the rosters expand, then join Chris Coste and Carlos Ruiz on the roster. Catcher has obviously been on the team's mind with the struggles of Carlos Ruiz, but Pat Gillick was asked back at the trading deadline whether he had interest in bringing in Pudge Rodriguez, who went from Detroit to the Yankees in a trade, and he said no.

4) Brad Lidge is firing on all cylinders. Where does he rank all-time among Phillies closers? If he keeps this up, he's got to be near the top, no?

5) One of the things I was keeping my eye on last night was whether the Phillies would retaliate for what they felt was an intentional fastball delivered at Chase Utley back when these two teams met at the end of July. Problem is, to retaliate, you've got to be in a comfortable spot in the game to do so, and there were no comfortable spots last night. Maybe bygones are bygones. But it's worth noting.