Donald batting seventh tomorrow

The line-up for tomorrow Grapefruit League opener in Bradenton against the Pirates has been announced.

Prospect Jason Donald will play second base and bat seventh, joining a host of veterans from last year's squad.

  1. Jimmy Rollins SS
  2. Shane Victorino CF
  3. Raul Ibanez LF
  4. Ryan Howard 1B
  5. Geoff Jenkins RF
  6. Matt Stairs DH
  7. Jason Donald 2B
  8. Eric Bruntlett 3B
  9. Chris Coste C

The Pirates will throw nine relievers tomorrow, each of whom will pitch an inning. The nine, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, are: Chris Bootcheck, Matt Capps, Donnie Veal, Romulo Sanchez, Ron Uviedo, Juan Mateo, Craig Hansen, Evan Meek and Jesse Chavez.

When the Pirates throw a righthander, the Phillies have the ability to go lefty-lefty-lefty-lefty-lefty-lefty against them.

Lefthander Jamie Moyer and righthander Joe Blanton will each throw roughly 40 pitches.

Jayson Werth, Pedro Feliz and Chase Utley are the only position players from the postseason roster that won't be making the trip.


Former Phillies pitching coach Joe Kerrigan is now the pitching coach for the Pirates.


Former Phils prospect Mike Costanzo will play for the Italian team in the World Baseball Classic. The final rosters will be announced at 6 p.m. Mike Schmidt has been campaigning for Shane Victorino to make the U.S. team. I expect him to be on the roster. Phillies prospect Carlos Carrasco will not pitch for Venezuela in the WBC, he said yesterday. Carrasco is on the country's provisional roster, but will remain with the Phillies while competing for the fifth spot in the rotation.