Does Utley need a break?

First thing's first: Ed Barkowitz is live-blogging today's game. To get Eddie's thoughts and and to chime in on whether you think that last pitch was a ball or a strike, click here.


We've got lots of Phillies stuff in today's paper. Talked to Charlie Manuel last night after the game and he said he was close to sitting Chase Utley down for the game. It would have made sense: Chase had just seven hits in his previous 46 at-bats, he hadn't had a day off all season, the Sox were throwing a lefthander, and there was a day game today. But Manuel said that when he got to the ballpark, Chase wanted to play, so Chase played.

Hey, if I was the manager, I don't think I'd be able to sit Utley down. He brings so much to the field. But it begs the question: would a break behoove Utley? He said after last night's game that he doesn't believe in that type of thing. The Phils have a day off Thursday and Monday. That should be more than enough.

One things for sure: with a side-armed righty on the mound today, Utley had a better shot at getting snowed in this morning than he did of not being in the lineup.

Utley is hitting under .300 for the first time since June of last season.

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